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Teen Therapy

Counseling for teens, ages 15 and up…

766403932“Am I normal?”


If you’re asking this question, you are a normal teenager.

And you’re brave, too…

… because you’re trying to figure out how to deal with all the stress and pressure you’re facing at home, school, and in your relationships.

“I feel so alone.”

You’re probably wondering if you are alone in the stuff you’re dealing with—especially since your friends “seem” to be doing so “great.”

Well, you’re not alone.

In fact, chances are you’re surrounded by people who are just as sad or anxious as you are (or as good at avoiding it).

Maybe everything’s going pretty well, but…

You want to figure out how to talk to your parents, friends, or other important people in your life.

Maybe you’re tired of people not understanding you… not listening to you… making you feel invisible or too much trouble.

It’s very stressful. You might even suffer from headaches or stomachaches, and the doctor tells you and your parents that “it’s all in your head.”

2195058933I get it.

I’ve worked with MANY high-school teens who felt the same way you do right now. I have also seen them grow and change into amazing young adults.

That’s why I decided to prioritize you in my therapy practice!

Therapy can be a huge help if you’re dealing with…

  • Low self-esteem or lack of confidence
  • Doubt or concern about how you look
  • Difficulty managing stress (which can lead to self-injury)
  • Trouble with relationships (parents, siblings, friends, etc.)
  • Inability to handle conflict

We can talk about all these things…

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship problems
  • Sexuality
  • Self-injury
  • Social isolation
  • Trauma
  • School problems (grades, getting to school, staying at school, friends, etc.)

“I don’t know what therapy is like. What happens when I come?”

When you come to therapy, we will get to know each other for a while. I’ll ask you about your story, your friends, your family, and your perspective on what’s going on.

You can also ask me anything you want. After all, we’re going to be working together, so you need to be able to trust me.

When you leave therapy, you’ll feel like you’ve had a chance to talk in a safe place.

You’ll feel a bit stronger and much more courageous to live the life you want.

You’ll find your voice and the confidence to support healthy relationships and a good life.

623512730You don’t need words.

You may not know what’s wrong or have words for your experience. That’s okay.

I offer something called “somatic therapy,” so we’ll pay attention to your breath and use movement and sound to learn from your body.


You’ll learn to breathe naturally, easily and deeply, without being conscious of it. These are not breathing exercises. It’s training you to be aware of (and release!) the tensions preventing you from breathing naturally. This will leave you feeling more centered and less anxious.


Movement provides the deepest understanding of our inner world and why we are the way we are. Physical tension can contribute to emotional and mental distress, so resolving bodily tension can help you heal emotionally. I may ask you to walk, stomp, or jump to express anger or frustration. Or you might kick or punch a pillow to release energy or pent-up emotions.


We can also use sound to help you deepen your breath, release pent-up emotions, decrease depression, improve concentration, improve your immune system, and better navigate your social environment and relationships.

In therapy, if you feel self-conscious about anything, you can simply say “no.” In fact, saying “no” might be the best thing you can do in therapy.

Ready to do something that works?

Many teens like somatic therapy because they’ve seen the limitations of traditional talk therapy and feel there’s something inside them that wasn’t quite addressed—some part of them that still needs attention.

In therapy, working with your body helps draw out an inner knowledge that no amount of reading or talking could ever do.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Call me at (480) 677-1198 or email me at nicoletteretherapy@gmail.com to get started.