Depression - Nicolette Re, LCSW, CBT, SEP


2188748813It’s another day…

The alarm goes off. You hit the snooze button.

You want to stay in bed but know you can’t. You have responsibilities.

So, you muster the energy to get out of bed.

You didn’t sleep well last night. You were so tired when you lay down; then, your mind started racing.

It’s the same old story… but it’s a new day.

You’ve tried the “coping skills.”

You say a few affirmations because they’re supposed to help.

You read self-help books.

You journal… and try to think positive thoughts.

You even keep a “gratitude list”!

But they’re no use. You still feel blah, meh, and numb.

It’s another day detached from everything…

You’ve stopped doing activities that once brought you joy. Everything is a chore.

You feel guilty that you’re having these troubles. After all, you know that “others have it much worse.”

Everyone else seems to be fine, so you conclude you’re the problem. It’s lonely feeling this way.

You’re exhausted, and others notice. Your coworkers and friends ask if you’re having trouble sleeping. You do sleep (a lot), yet you wake up feeling more tired than before you went to bed.

You’re desperate to make a change… but where do you start?

1639121464Most people think they should be able to “snap out of” depression.

The problem is that your BODY is fatigued and depressed. It’s an internal collapse – not just a mentality or emotional state you can switch out of.

You may feel weighed down by depression when avoiding (often unconsciously) deeper feelings of anger and sadness. Depression can result from anger turned inward and directed against the self.

We all adapt to the environment we grow up in. This is where we learn about emotions. As a child, you may have noticed that your parents weren’t comfortable when you were angry or sad – that they only wanted to see you happy.

For example, if given messages like “boys don’t cry,” you’ll suppress that emotion and deaden that part of your body to survive in that environment.

Releasing feelings of sadness and anger brings relief and improves your ability to cope with life.

You can do this (and more) in therapy.

In a safe, supportive space, we’ll release you from the unconscious holding patterns you’ve been stuck in. We’ll help you reconnect with yourself and the world by using movement and exercises designed specifically for you.

We’ll employ a combination of somatic therapies and talk therapy to get down to the root of your issues so that your BODY can heal.

We’ll use different techniques, but our work will focus on giving your body energy, expanding your ability to tolerate emotions, and releasing pent-up emotions like anger and sadness.

Acknowledgment and expression of deep feelings are encouraged in somatic work, so you can truly and completely move all the way through these feeling states.

Choose vitality and life!

Cultivate deeper connections with those around you…

Reclaim joy and fulfillment by doing the things you love…

Treat yourself with greater compassion…

Know that you have the power to create the future you deserve!

The first step is scary, but you owe it to yourself to take it. Call now for your free consultation: (480) 677-1198.