Healing Trauma - Nicolette Re, LCSW, CBT, SEP

Healing Trauma

526087603You’ve told your story and talked about your problems.

But you must be “doing it wrong.”

Talking about “it” seems to help everyone you know except you. It worked for a little while, at first… until it didn’t.

Experiencing fatigue, body aches and tension, stomach aches, pelvic pain, or headaches, you have trouble sleeping, eating, concentrating, and finding the motivation to do anything.

There are moments when you catch yourself “staring into space.”

You wonder if there is something that can help you.

When was the last time you felt relaxed?

You’re trying – it’s so frustrating.

1937945158Your body holds your history.

Everything that’s happened to you or that you’ve felt is stored in your body.

The lump in your throat…

Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders…

Your stomach is in knots…

Tightness in your chest…

Feeling like you can’t breathe…

The pain in your neck…

Extreme fatigue and tiredness…

Being so scared, the hair on your arms stands up…

Not being comfortable in your own skin…

These are all expressions that tell us what we hold in our body, and it’s often the troubling body symptoms that demand our attention so we will get help.

1698444664Your body’s primary objective is to survive.

When the body senses we’re in danger, it gets out of the new part of the brain, the thinking brain, and goes into the more primitive parts of our brain to survive.

If our body thinks it’s in danger, it goes into fight/flight/freeze or fawn to protect us. All our energy goes towards survival.

We don’t need to solve math problems or digest right now. We need to stay alive.

This is where talk therapy falls short. We ask our survival body to think when our thinking brain is unavailable.

This is what the body is built to do. You aren’t doing anything wrong.

There is hope.

We will take advantage of the mind-body connection and tap into the wisdom of your body.

For over 35 years, I’ve helped people heal the wounds of their pasts.

In a safe space, let’s tap into the wisdom of the body and get to the root of your painful experiences.

By weaving Contemporary Bioenergetics, Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Releasing Exercises, Touch Work, EMDR, talk therapy, and my own healing experience, I provide a comprehensive treatment plan uniquely tailored to your needs.

I’d be honored to walk with you on this healing journey, offering support and guidance. Call me now at (480) 677-1198.