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Individual Therapy

547236634Striving to be what OTHERS want you to be…

It’s utterly exhausting.

And that can lead to trouble sleeping, eating, concentrating, or finding the motivation to do anything.

You may find yourself “staring into space”… or getting frustrated and agitated more easily than you used to.

Suddenly, everyone and everything feels annoying! Life just isn’t what it used to be.

As a human being, you’ve had some tough experiences, and these patterns have developed to protect you from further harm. You’re not crazy!

What you tell yourself…

“I shouldn’t need help.”

“I should be able to figure this out on my own.”

“I’ve done therapy, so I shouldn’t have this problem anymore.”

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to solve someone else’s problems over your own?

1575046789Even when you know what to do…

It’s still hard to solve your problems!

You KNOW you need to say “no” to family members and friends.

You KNOW you need to end that toxic relationship.

You KNOW you need to take better care of yourself.

What you DON’T know is WHY you don’t do it.

That’s what we’ll explore in therapy.

If you’ve done therapy before and thought it helped, it probably did – even if you still have the same struggles. Or you might question whether it was worth it because you feel like you’re getting worse.

Well, you’re not. That’s because the healing journey is not linear.

But the therapy we’ll do is different… because it goes straight to the source: your body!

142636699Let’s give your body a nudge…

That’s what will advance you to the next part of your healing journey.

And you don’t need words or memories for somatic therapy to work!

I believe growth and change occur best within the safety of an authentic relationship where there is mutual trust and respect. I am committed to providing high-quality professional care in a safe, confidential, and respectful environment.

In addition to traditional talk therapy, we can do any of the following body-based practices…

Somatic Experiencing

This is a new approach to treating mental health issues, and it’s based on the assumption that trauma affects and imprints itself in the body. Therefore, it’s essential to engage the body in the healing process. You can do that by focusing on your breath to release tension and keep you calm, doing movement to liberate pent-up emotions, and using sound to change how your body responds to traumatic memories.


Like somatic experiencing, bioenergetics seeks to release holding patterns in the body through breathing, movement, and emotional expression. All the body’s physical expressions have meaning: a handshake, one’s posture, the look in one’s eyes, the tone of voice, and one’s breath. These expressions tell a story of our past. By examining and becoming aware of them, you can shift the patterns and live a healthier life.

Trauma and Tension Release Exercises (TRE)

TRE exercises are designed to help as a result of difficult life circumstances, immediate or prolonged stressful situations or traumatic experiences. They have been used successfully in over 35 countries to recover from chronic stress and post-tension symptoms following accidents, natural disasters, and political violence.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Traumatic memories can get “stuck” in our body and mind. But if they’re “reprocessed,” the body can resume its natural healing process. Unlike talk therapy, where you disclose details of the stressful or traumatic situation, EMDR can help you reprocess these memories without reliving the experience. Instead, it reprocesses the information directly using eye movements (like what you experience during REM sleep). If you struggle to open up or retell your story, EMDR can be a great option.

Touch Work

While you are lying on the massage table (face up and fully clothed), I will place my hand under the small of your back. The hand does not move for 10 to 15 minutes (less if indicated). This is repeated on the opposite side. This touch can help the kidneys release and drop the adrenal glands (located on top of each kidney) into more regulated activity, leading to overall neurological smoothness. If our adrenals are not functioning well, stress hormones in our bodies can become toxic, leading to many physical symptoms and health concerns.

Don’t hesitate any longer!

Doing it alone is not the answer.

Together, we can explore what you need to get back on track.

Reach out today by phone, email, or the contact form below to schedule your free consultation.